Working together to create change

Our team is passionate about their work and providing excellent service for you and your needs.

Experienced in delivering many successful projects with high level of satisfaction to clients.

Tuan Cao


Masterful Engineer with breadth experience from developing kernel softwares, scalable backend systems to web and mobile applications.

Thang Nguyen


A skilled business development director, Venture Capitalist, Co-Founders of many promising startups.

Duc Trinh

Business Director/Co-Founder

Successful Serial Entrepreneur with great track records (Emotiv, Sasme, HDViet …). Co-founder of UP co-working space, largest co-working space in Vietnam.

Nam Do


Long Ly

Full Stack Engineer

Luong Vu

Full Stack Engineer

Nam Nguyen

Project Manager

Nghia Than

Frontend/Mobile Developer

Anh Nguyen

Backend Engineer

Hoang Nguyen

Frontend/Mobile Developer

Nhat Nguyen

Frontend Developer

Thao Vu

Business Analyst